About Us


Beatriz's founder and chief designer is Carissa Cruz Evangelista. Prior to launching her brand, she worked with community-based enterprises and assisted livelihood communities in the Philippines' deprived neighborhoods. To this day, the brand has continued its collaboration with communities and its promotion of Philippine's local craftsmanship while making waves in the global fashion industry.


BEATRIZ marries the art of colorful and crafted workmanship with the heart of social responsibility. It’s known for its youthful and creative styling that is greatly inspired by the bright and vibrant weaves and culture of the Philippines.


The brand works with underprivileged women in Philippine communities, who lovingly create each artisan piece while supplementing their daily income for them and their families. Each bag is individually crafted by carefully laying each line of thread by hand one strand at a time on a lightweight clutch structure to form the different patterns via a special gluing technique. The result is an enticing collection of unique, quality, handcrafted bags with an authentic visual story and a socially conscious value.