From Oprah to MoMA Catalog: Filipino Designer’s Clutch is a Hit

Posted On: Saturday, February 11th, 2017

Cheska Clutch

Carissa Cruz Evangelista’s clutch makes it to the Museum of Modern Art Design Store’s catalog.


Like the museum where it is housed, the MoMA Design Store has a selective process. The merchandise also has to be reviewed by the Museum of Modern Art curators. Being included in the MoMA store catalog is a recognition of value, both commercial and artistic.


Filipino designer Carissa Cruz Evangelista has made it to this curated list. Her Cheska clutch is being sold by the MoMA Design Store as an “exclusive.” Its woven texture, flamboyant colors, and geometric swipes make it a notch above a mere accessory. It is a fine example of what Filipino designers do well—use local materials to great visual effect.

Evangelista talks to Town&Country about this exciting development for her accessories brand Beatriz.

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